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I have put a number of my favourite images into the Galleries section which would suit those people looking to see the "finished articles". Below you will find my latest Blog entry. There you will find details of my photographic journey to date and some of my recent activities in pursuit of my passion (read obsession) for photography.


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Latest Blog Post

I have been taking some pictures from my Photography Hide recently, whilst waiting for my local Owls to show me their young...

One of the openings of the hide is positioned to give a simple clean background. Having a uniform background helps the subject stand out more on the finished photograph and also has the advantage that the camera finds it easier to "see" contrasting subjects in the foreground. Small birds in flight are always very difficult to record. Not only does their size make things difficult but they are also very agile. Medium sized birds like Blackbirds and Starlings I find are a little bit easier.

This Staring in flight is one of many Starlings that frequent the area around my hide. At this time of year they are also very noisy...

Starling In Flight