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Thursday, February 26th, 2015

I am delighted to announce that my image of a Kestrel has been awarded


There were around 325,000 bird images uploaded to over the last year, so for mine to be chosen from such a large pool is personally very rewarding.
Well done to all of the runners up and Highly Commended photographers and thanks to Birdguides and their judges for organising this competition. Full details can be found here:-

This image was in fact one of the very first images I took whilst testing and fine tuning my Canon 7D MK2 camera . It was coupled to a Canon 800mm lens when this picture was taken.


RSPB Love Nature magazine, “Photo of the Issue”

Friday, October 31st, 2014

I am delighted to see my image of a Great Crested Grebe in the latest issue of RSPBs Love Nature magazine.

The RSPB often print readers images in their magazine but this particular image was selected as their “Photo of the Issue”. Apart from the obvious personal recognition, the prize that they awarded was very suitable indeed. More than 500 pounds of outdoor weather clothing including boots from Blacks in the UK.

I would like to say a great big thank you to the RSPB for selecting my image and to Blacks for sponsoring the “Photo of the Issue” prize.


British Wildlife Photography Awards BWPA – Highly Commended Kestrel

Sunday, September 28th, 2014

I am a little bit late in communicating this news given my travels over the last few weeks…


However, I am delighted to announce that this image of a Kestrel was Highly Commended at this years British Wildlife Photography Awards (BWPA) in the Animal Portraits section.
The awards ceremony for the BWPA was hosted by Chris Packham on 3rd September 2014 in London. Given that I was photographing in Kenya that week I was unable to attend the awards ceremony. It was a shame that I was unable to visit in person so I will take this opportunity to congratulate all of the winners and all those who had work commended and thank the organisers for their effort and time to organise these annual awards.

Earlier in the year I had decided not to enter any of the major photographic competitions. That decision was partly due to work commitments at the time and partly to take a step away from the competitive edge of photography and concentrate on what I enjoy doing most, namely taking photographs. Well, all of that changed when a certain friend and inspirational photographer Richard Peters visited for the weekend and “put some pressure” on me to enter. The deadline for the BWPA entry coincided with Richards visit, so to keep my guest happy, I duly entered…

Thanks therefore go to for the nudge. Cheers buddy…

Nature’s Best – Highly Honoured Award – WILDLIFE

Sunday, January 26th, 2014

I am delighted to have received this photography award in the post this weekend.

My image of a Galapagos Tortoise is a “Highly Honoured Winner” in the 2013 Nature’s Best Photography awards. I don’t do a lot of Black and White images so it was a very pleasant surprise to see my image printed in the 2013 Awards book together with a shiny certificate.

I am not certain if every image in the book appears in the Smithsonian Exhibition Hall in Washington DC. If you do happen to visit the exhibition then I would appreciate to know if a print of this tortoise hangs on their wall…


BirdGuides Photo of the Year 2012 – Runner up…

Thursday, January 24th, 2013

I am delighted to be able to announce that I am a Runner Up in the 2012 BirdGuides Photo of the Year.

This is the second consecutive year that one of my images has been selected for this annual competition. By my estimate, no less than 50,000 bird images have been uploaded to BirdGuides over the course of 2012. To be one of the top 10 selected photographs is personally very rewarding and humbling.

The winning image is superb and is one that I had previously commented as a worthy winner when it was uploaded to their website back in December 2012. Here is a link to that winning image and the article on BIRDGUIDES PHOTO OF THE YEAR 2012.

Here is my runners up image. A Little Owl running…