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A Little Owlet – my first decent sighting…

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

Finally, one of the Little Owlets left the nest last night.

After weeks of observations and fears that the chicks might fledge when I was not around, one of the two owlets left the nest last night. I am certain that there are two baby Little Owls at this site and possibly even a third. This particular location only receives the sun in the late evenings. That is very convenient from a photographic point of view as the sun is nice and low in the sky. This was taken at 9pm last night which is also a far more sociable time of the day for photography as opposed to the alternative early morning opportunity.

The weather forecast for this evening looks excellent so I hope to be back on site later today.

A Little Owl – wanting to be a big owl…

Monday, June 27th, 2011

This picture is just for fun really but it does illustrate a couple of points about Wildlife Photography.

Firstly to be clear, this is two sequential images, from one camera, of the same bird, stuck together side by side. The small owl on the right hand side was the first frame recorded and the taller version on the left was the next image in the sequence.

The first point I would like to highlight is noise generated when the shutter is released. Here it worked to my advantage because as soon as it heard the “CLICK” it looked directly at me allowing the second image to be recorded. Not all subjects give you that second chance so consider using the silent shutter mode on your camera. The second point is don’t try and totally fill the frame with your subject, always leave a little bit of space for the subject to breathe in camera. Had I have composed too tight for the first frame then I would have been unable to get all of the owl in the picture for the second frame due to the dramatic change in size and shape.

There is of course no substitute for experience and knowledge of your subject. Knowing how your subject behaves or reacts in such circumstances will give you the edge and enable you to be prepared for that next frame.

A Little Owl – practicing for the Olympics…

Friday, June 24th, 2011

This is the same Little Owl that starred in the Marching Little Owl image that I shared in a recent post. It was taken at exactly the same location but this time with the camera set at right angles to see an alternative view of the action.

I have been experimenting with a two camera system recently. One camera is under my direct control and another camera is set up to photograph the same subject at exactly the same time, but that second camera is fired remotely. It is early days for me with this “new technology” and there are a few teething troubles but I think it has potential in certain circumstances.

The ability to capture two different views of the same split second event might provide some interesting material for future posts.

Little Owl – A Portrait on a post.

Monday, June 20th, 2011

Here is another image of the Little Owl.

This time I was concentrating on obtaining an image with a more natural background. When the bird was high up on a telegraph pole I only had sky for a background. When it was on the floor the background was very light. In this image, taken early one morning, I was able to select a background that faded from blue tones at the top (sky) through to green tones at the bottom (grass). I feel that this kind of background sets the scene without distracting from the subject.

The direct eye contact was down to patience. He used the perch frequently but I had to wait until he landed and looked at the camera before releasing the shutter.

A Little Owl – marching proudly…

Sunday, June 12th, 2011

Here is the Little Owl again, marching proudly in the morning sunshine.

This image was taken fairly soon after the sun appeared above the horizon. To get some light into the eyes of the Owl required the sun to be fairly low in the sky. Having spent a considerable amount of time at this site at dawn and dusk it soon became apparent that the light direction in the mornings was the better of the two options.

I am still a little confused as to whether this is one of a breeding pair but hopefully that will become clear over the coming weeks.