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Great Crested Grebe calling…

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

Here is a Great Crested Grebe calling.

The lake is normally a quiet place in the early mornings, especially on a calm day when the waters surface is also still and peaceful. During the mating season however the adult birds will occasionally call to each other. Sometimes this is a signal from the female that she is ready to mate and sometimes it is to regroup as competing Grebes stray too close to their territory.

The open mouth image here helps me understand how it is possible for Grebes to consume such large fishes…

Great Crested Grebes…

Sunday, May 13th, 2012

Those of you that follow my Facebook Photography page ( Link to the right if you want to follow ) will be aware that I have spent a lot of time recently photographing Great Crested Grebes.

They are a beautiful bird and during the mating season the love and affection they show to each other is quite spectacular. The courtship dance where the Grebes shake their heads and flick their feathers is a spectacle to watch. It is one such event in nature where I feel that video is a better medium than a photograph as freezing the moment misses their graceful movements.

This couple of Grebes have produced eggs and they have been protecting them for three weeks now. I hope that we will see some Grebe chicks in the very near future.