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The remote camera view of the Little Owl that featured in my last blog post…

Sunday, August 26th, 2012

My last blog post showed a Little Owl standing on a wooden beam with a remotely triggered wide angle camera pointing towards the beam.

Well this post shows one of the images taken from that remote camera. The image is not perfect by any means but it is a start in a direction that I would like to explore. As a photographer you take so much for granted when the camera is in your hands. You intuitively and subconsciously makes adjustments when you can see the subject your are photographing through the lens. That luxury disappears when you are several metres away and have limited control over the camera and its settings. A lot of time is spent in the preparation but you also need a fair amount of good fortune, especially when dealing with wild animals.

Hopefully this idea will grow and I will be able to add some more wide angle images to my portfolio.

A Little Owl and a remotely triggered wide angle camera …

Sunday, August 12th, 2012

I mentioned in my last post that I had been doing some wide angle images of the Little Owls.

These owls are wild and free so it was going to be virtually impossible for me to get close enough to take a wide angle picture, with the camera in my hand. I therefore decided to research methods of remotely triggering a camera. Once the method was sorted I then placed the remote camera near to a favoured perch and the project began.

This image shows that the Little Owl became very comfortable in front of the remote camera and wide angle lens.

A Little Owl, enjoying an evening stroll…

Thursday, August 9th, 2012

Here is another of the adult Little Owls, out for an evening stroll…

The Owlets are all out of the nest now and appear to be almost self sufficient. They will occasionally follow the adult around in the hope of food but most of the time they are going about their own duties. The fields in the distance have also changed colour giving me the opportunity to bring a yellow background into this particular frame.

I have been experimenting with some wide angle images of the owls and I hope to show you some of that work in a future post.