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A Cheetah cub to kick start my Kenya 2012 collection…

Sunday, September 30th, 2012

I am just back from a very enjoyable couple of weeks photographing wildlife in Kenya.

Every time I go to the Masai Mara it is quite different. Last year the plains were very green and there was an abundance of Lions. This time the grasses were a lot lighter in colour and considerably longer (which was a challenge photographically). There were also fewer Lions but a lot more Cheetahs.

Here is a Cheetah cub to kick start this years collection. I do have a soft spot for this particular Big Cat, so I am sure this will not be the last Cheetah picture that I share.

A Little Owl running towards the camera…

Sunday, September 2nd, 2012

Here is a slightly different view of the now “famous” Little Owl.

For this image I was in a hide that I had positioned in between two of its favourite landing locations. Over the many weeks I spent with these wild Owls I became familiar with their favourite perches, landing posts and preferred flight paths. In my experience there is no substitute for “time in the field” with wildlife photography. You learn the subject, you get better acquainted with your camera and the subject also gets used to you being around as well which often makes each session with the Owl more productive.

For this image I positioned my camera with the entrance of a barn in the background. That provided the dark area behid the owl to make him “pop”…