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Two hippos “kissing”…

Thursday, November 29th, 2012

When I set off to Kenya I had in my mind some ideas of images that I was hoping to create. Well it is fair to say that this one was never amongst those thoughts…

This particular area of the Masai Mara is part of a large marsh. The water is like a magnet to the wildlife and hippos, like these two , often frequent the pools. Normally the hippos are quite sedate and apart from the occasional yawn they just occupy their space in the pool. I was nearby photographing the birdlife in and around the pool when I heard some commotion taking place. Hippos are large, heavy and therefore noisy animals when they move around, especially in water.

I followed the sounds and repositioned the vehicle close to these two hippos who were very active in the pool. This image looked to me like the two were kissing, so I selected this one from the sequence to share.

A Lion showing its teeth in the late evening sunshine..

Tuesday, November 20th, 2012

Here is another image from this years trip to Kenya.

There were a lot of lions around this year and as I have mentioned in previous posts the grass was also very long and light in colour making subjects difficult to find. I saw this lions head appear above the grass line when I was “spotting” from the roof of the vehicle. I am never too happy with pictures where I am looking down onto the subject so rather than take a picture from the roof, I worked on the idea to get a more intimate connection with the lion. Firstly I repositioned myself in the vehicle to get myself lower down and then asked the friendly guide and driver to move the vehicle to make better use of the falling sunlight.

Once in position it was a waiting game. Some time later the Lion decided to move and yawn. I took a sequence of images as the lion opened its mouth and I selected this one to remind me of that moment.

A Zebra, up to its neck in brown stuff…

Saturday, November 10th, 2012

Here is a Zebra almost fully immersed in the brown waters of the Mara River in Kenya.

The Great Migration “forces” thousands of wild animals to cross the rivers in Kenya. There are many spectacular wide angle images that show the scale of this behaviour, the force and determination of the animals, both predators and prey as they fight to survive. On this occasion the river was deep and fast flowing and the waters had turned a muddy brown so I took the chance to take a close up view.

This image shows how deep the water can be when the animals cross. Rather them than me knowing what else is in the same waters…