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Front Cover of Bird Watching Magazine = My Little Owl…

Monday, April 29th, 2013

I am delighted to see one of my Little Owl images on the front cover of Bird Watching magazine this month.

Bird Watching magazine is Britain’s best-selling bird magazine so it is a real honour to have one of my pictures on the front. Regular followers will know that although I take photographs of pretty much anything that moves, images of birds are certainly my first love. I did a quick search on my blog and I have done significantly more posts relating to birds than any other subject.

The Little Owl on the cover is one of a family that I photograph during the summer months. Although the Owl is around all year, I find them to be more photogenic in the summer, soon after their young are born. The adult owls are then very busy feeding their young so they extend their hunting time to include dawn and dusk. That gives me the opportunity to photograph then during some daylight hours.

Here is a picture of my Little Owl on the front cover.


My Portfolio and article are in Lancashire Walks and Wildlife Magazine this month…

Thursday, April 18th, 2013

The May Edition of Lancashire Walks and Wildlife magazine is out and inside you will find a ten page portfolio of my images.

I am very pleased with how the portfolio looks. The magazine has gone to the trouble to set my pictures onto black pages so they really stand out on the page. To accompany the images I have answered some of the more common questions that I get asked about my photography. Questions about my camera equipment and how I got into photography. I have also written about how I try to improve my pictures and the challenges that I face. Underneath each printed image I have detailed the camera settings, lens and camera that I used to take the picture as I am often asked for this data from photographers looking to learn.

The magazine is available from several places in and around Lancashire. It is also available to purchase online at


A Vermilion Flycatcher…

Monday, April 15th, 2013

Here is a Vermilion Flycatcher that I spent some time trying to locate during my recent holiday.

This beautiful bird was high up on my wish list when I was in the Galapagos. I knew that they could be found on the Islands given some effort, however, whether I would be able to find and photograph one in the time I had available on Isabella Island was another matter.

I spent the whole morning searching for this bird and it was looking like a no show. So much so that I had already turned off my camera and was walking back to my transport. Then, on the final few metres of track this male appeared on a post. I can recall freezing like a statue and holding my breath so as not to risk scaring the bird away. I then very slowly pointed the camera, powered it on and pressed the shutter.

It was on the memory card and what looked like a wasted morning turned into a keeper.


A Sally Lightfoot crab, on the rocks…

Sunday, April 7th, 2013

Here is a Sally Lightfoot crab photographed on the Galapagos Islands recently.

This was another creature that instantly sprung to my mind when I was planning my Galapagos trip. Could this crab really be as bright and vivid in colour as the pictures I had seen in the books and on my computer screen? Well the answer was unquestionably, yes.

There was no shortage of these crabs on the islands so I had ample opportunity to find them and photograph them. That gave me time to decide how best to remember this landmark crab, photographically. I therefore spent some time trying to get a picture of this crab at eye level, to increase the connection with the viewer. I also wanted to take a picture against a dark background to further enhance the saturated colours of this incredible species.

The abundance of volcanic rock provided the backdrop and I was quite happy to lie on the sand to get down low…