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My first attempt at underwater photography…

Thursday, May 9th, 2013

When I visited the Galapagos it was always my intention to do a little bit of underwater photography.

I wasn’t planning anything too dramatic. The top end underwater housings are very expensive and also physically quite large. Even assuming I was prepared to invest in an underwater housing the difficulties of transporting bulky and heavy items made any such grand ideas quickly fade away. After a bit of research I found a much simpler solution that was considerably cheaper, light weight and would at least allow me to have a play in the water with my camera.

After all of my nerves had gone and one or two tests it appeared that I wasn’t going to drown, or get eaten, when I was in the sea. More importantly the camera was also quite likely to stay dry! I therefore took the opportunity most days to go underwater with my camera and a wide angle lens.

The clarity of the water varied from day to day but as this image shows it was possible to get very close to the underwater life.