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My second attempt at underwater photography. A Galapagos shark…

Saturday, June 1st, 2013

My last post showed an underwater image of a nice friendly inquisitive seal that I photographed in the Galapagos earlier this year.

Well this post shows that after spending several hours underwater with my camera, I started to grow in confidence. I soon felt safe in the water. I knew that the air supply was adequate to keep me alive so I became braver, went deeper and generally relaxed whilst underwater. For this particular image I can recall swimming as fast as I could in an attempt to get alongside this Galapagos shark. My thought process was that if the shark was alongside me then there was a much better chance of having the focus at the right distance, even if my focus point was not directly on the sharks eye.

I really never imagined that I would be taking pictures like these during my early underwater experiences. I will certainly continue to explore underwater photography further when I next get an opportunity to enter the clear seas.