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A long weekend in Scotland for Ospreys…

Tuesday, August 13th, 2013

I spent a very enjoyable long weekend in Scotland recently, primarily to photograph Ospreys.

I got my first real opportunity to get close to Ospreys back in 2012. I was amazed to see them dive into the water with tremendous force and at such close quarters. The lucky ones would emerge with a fish in their talons. The unlucky ones would typically circle around and have another attempt. The weather and light was nothing special last year so I decided to try again during this years breeding season.

It is a very early start to be in the hide well before 5am and anyone who visits Scotland knows that the weather can be “variable” at best. Not only do you want nice light when photographing these incredible predators, you also need the wind direction to be in your favour. The hide locations are fixed so if the wind is against you, you will only see the Ospreys flying away from you.

On the last morning I got fortunate. The light and wind were in my favour and this Osprey made a successful dive.