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Lion cubs, learning their trade…

Sunday, November 24th, 2013

Here are a couple of Lion cubs photographed on this years Photographic Safari to Kenya.

They were two of three cubs that went from sleeping soundly to running around full of energy within the space of just a few minutes. I always find it very difficult to capture images with more than one subject in the frame. Typically my photographs have a very “thin” depth of focus. It can be measured in millimetres at times so trying to have two subjects, both aligned in that depth of field is very hard to achieve. My strategy for these lion cubs was therefore to try and pick out some isolated action, preferably with just one cub in the frame. In any photograph it is important to get any eyes in the picture sharp, so if there is only one set on view then that objective is much easier to achieve.

In this frame I managed to get two cubs in the frame and quite conveniently only one set of eyes.