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Eagles in Poland…

Sunday, March 30th, 2014

I have recently returned from a trip to Poland to photograph White Tailed Eagles.

I was expecting to see and photograph these Eagles in temperatures as low as minus 20 celsius. I was anticipating lots of falling snow which would have been challenging photographically, but very rewarding in the final image if I was able to focus the camera through the snow and onto the Eagle. I can remember sitting on the plane going through methods and ideas in my head how I would operate the camera in such temperatures with falling snow. Well let’s just say I didn’t need to worry. Poland was rapidly approaching spring when I got off the plane. The temperature was plus 3 celsius, it wasn’t snowing and the snow on the ground was melting, rapidly…

Well, despite the conditions not being the way I had imagined in my thoughts, the Eagles were still active and I thouroughly enjoyed my time in Poland. I have already started to discuss a return trip to the Eagles next winter, when hopefully the weather conditions will be back to “normal” in Poland.