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The Little Owls are back and they have started nesting already…

Sunday, April 13th, 2014

I did my first photo session of 2014 with the Little Owls this weekend.

I had spotted a Little Owl a few weeks ago when I was out scanning the fields with my binoculars. It was at the same nest site that the Kestrels used successfully last year. Over the last few weeks I have increased the amount of time I have spent searching for wildlife and last Friday, I found another Little Owl, at a farm where they raised a single Owlet last year. Over the course of this weekend it has become apparent that the female Little Owl is already sitting on eggs.

Last year I didn’t see the first newborn Owlet until 8th August 2013. So calculating backwards the egg sitting time would have been in June 2013. So, either I missed the first brood last year or they are a complete two months ahead of schedule this year.

Either way, it looks like June 2014 could be the time for the Owlets, with a bit of good fortune all round. Here is the expectant father…