Lanzarote Birding – A Black Winged Stilt calling…

I am just back from a week on Lanzarote. The weather was nice and warm so I didn’t need to pack too many clothes, which left plenty of space in my luggage for some camera gear.

I will start this series of posts with a Black Winged Stilt calling. On the west coast of the island is a place called Salinas de Janubio. Here I found some salt pans offering a variety of birds and waders. Early mornings offered the best potential however the site is active hence workers started to arrive soon after dawn. I therefore decided to revisit on a Sunday morning when there were no other disturbances.

In typical fashion I had the site to myself until around 09:30am when the first dog walkers started to arrive. It was just like being back home…

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  1. Neil says:

    I was in Lanzarote last November and visited the Salinas a couple of times and saw (my first ever) black winged stilts too.

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