A White-necked Jacobin hummingbird in flight…

Firstly apologies for the lack of posts over the last few weeks. I have spent the last three weeks with my cameras in Ecuador and then the Galapagos Islands.

To kick start this series of posts I have chosen this White-necked Jacobin hummingbird that I photographed in Ecuador. When I planned the Galapagos trip I decided to give myself several days in and around Quito before the final flight on to the islands. It was partly a safety measure in case any of my flights were delayed but also an opportunity to see the rain forests and have a go at photographing hummingbirds. The ultimate small bird in flight.

My “small bird in flight” project that I have been running in the UK for over a year now certainly gave me a good understanding of the basic skills needed to record these beautiful birds in flight. In an ideal world I would have liked a lot more equipment with me to really freeze the movement in the wings of these very fast moving birds.

With the limited equipment I had available I gave it my best shot.


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  1. helen webb says:

    Beautiful colour Austin. I actually think that some blurring in the wings is far better as it shows movement. Too static when perfectly sharp. The rapid wing beats of this tiny bird are its claim to fame and I believe this is what we should be aiming to achieve.
    On another point – your photos are so good now that, I feel, your copyright is taking the eye away from the picture. Have you tried lowering the opacity a bit? Sorry if that’s a bit cheeky.

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