Swallow in flight

I had an early morning outing recently to see if I could photograph some of the dawn chorus singing as the birds are busy attracting partners at this time of year. In that regard it was a pretty poor morning as I didn’t come home with anything worth keeping. I did however capture this image of a Swallow in flight which made up for the early start.

There were lots of Swallows about flying over the fields and occasionally one would stop and rest on fence wires typically. This image was taken shortly after it had taken off from its resting place. A pretty tough test for the cameras auto focus capability.

3 Responses to “Swallow in flight”

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  2. Um. Seriously! Wow! Having spent time trying to photograph Swallows in flight I know how hard they are to get. Very impressed indeed!

  3. Pretty good for a pretty poor morning! I tried getting swallow in flight…and never succeded thgey way you did.

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